Interested in Modelling?
Are you interested in modelling and need to begin your portfolio? Do you need to add some images to your current portfolio? Have you been thinking of an interesting portrait? I am always looking for models though I am not just looking for the stereotypical model physique and previous experience with modelling is not required.
I am interested in TFCD (time for CD) work, though I sometimes hire models or I am hired by models and others for commissioned work. If you'd like to model for me, you can most likely do so at no cost to you. So what's the catch? There is none! A TFCD shoot costs you nothing but your time. You do, however, have to meet certain requirements detailed below:
General Requirements
You must be willing to sign a model release at the end of the shoot.  You must have proof of legal age in the form of a photo ID and permission from a parent or guardian if under 18 years of age.You must have a chaperone for the shoot if you are under 18 years of age (chaperones are welcome at shoots for all models as long as the chaperone is not distracting during the shoot). The  TFCD photo shoot will typically last between 1 and 4 hours.
As compensation for your participation in a TFCD shoot, you will receive 3-5 full-resolutions, processed images taken at the shoot delivered on a CD  and an image license from the photographer that allows you to use the images for your portfolio or self-promotion but not for any commercial purpose. Acceptance of a model for a TFCD shoot is at the discretion of the photographer.
Commission Work
I am also available for commissioned work if you have something specific in mind.. My rates vary depending on the specific requirements of the shoot. Feel free to contact me and discuss your requirements.
Releases and Licenses
Images that are created during a shoot have certain legal rights attached to them. As the photographer, I own the copyright to the images and no one (including the model) can use them for any purpose without my permission. As the model, you have the right to limit what the images can be used for and who (including the photographer) can use them. For those reasons, both a model release and an image license are required. The release that the model gives the photographer allows him to use the model's image. Without this release, the images have little value to the photographer and would most likely just be deleted. The image license is what the photographer gives the model. That typically gives the model the right to use the copyrighted images for her portfolio and self-promotion, but not the right to sell the images or otherwise use them commercially. It does not assign the copyright to the model. Without the photographer's license, the images cannot be used for any purpose and are basically useless to the model. I am always willing to engage in pre-shoot meetings to discuss what we're both looking for.